Welcome to Instadose Pharma.

Our Executive Summary

Global leader in cannabis production & commercial distribution of Cannabinoid Oil

Leading the disruption of the global cannabis industry by turning cannabis and Cannabinoid Oil into an insurable commodity

Exclusive right and license to grow, cultivate, and process (for export and sale) medical pharmaceutical cannabis in the DRC

50-year partnerships with the newly elected DRC government & the SACCOS (the region's largest farming co-operative) - gives Instadose 1,000,000+ hectares (ha) of land in the aggregate for cannabis production & cultivation

Existing 5-year supply agreements for Cannabinoid Oil with leading global buyers generating USD$4.375B+ in revenue to Instadose

GMP Certified & pharmaceutically accredited with EU Pharmacopeia Standards

Talented and respected management team with proven track records in the cannabis, pharmaceutical, and capital markets space

Anticipated listing on North American and European stock exchanges

Our Executive Summary Instadose CEO Grant F. Sanders and DRC Minister of Agriculture Georges KAZADI KABONGO (centre) at the signing of the Protocol Agreement in October 2018.

Our Service Providers Include:







Our Global Distribution of Cannabinoid Oil Update

Soft-selling future CBD oil began in January 2019

Instadose is already in possession of supply agreements for CBD oil worth in excess of USD$4.375B

All cannabinoid oil is exported immediately following production

Instadose is actively securing and establishing supply agreements of cannabinoid oil globally with groups in the European Union, United Kingdom, Australia, South America, Canada, and eventually the U.S.

Expected Sales Distribution of Cannabinoid Oil

Market Disruption Map

Our Purpose - Leading Global Disruption

Instadose is achieving market disruption by:

  • - Establishing the industry's greatest commercial production capacity; and
  • - Shattering the industry-standard production cost for both cannabis and Cannabinoid Oil

Our Strong Executive Leadership Team

Grant F. Sanders
Grant F. Sanders
Chairman & CEO

Specializing in corporate finance and business development

Led large companies to achieve revenue goals through effective cost management, marketing and sales

Achieved and maintained long-term relationships in finance and equity markets globally

Dr. Luc Duchesne, PhD
Dr. Luc Duchesne, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Led successful Canadian LP under ACMPR

Author of 85 peer-reviewed scientific publications

PhD - Plant Biochemistry/Botany

M.S.c. - Forest Pathology/Forest Sciences

B.S.c. - Forest Ecology/Forest Engineering

Dr. Douglas K. Macfadden
Dr. Douglas K. Macfadden, M.D., C.M., FRCPC, PhD
Chief Medical Officer

Experience in pharmaceutical and bio research industries

Responsible for social development programs

Specialist in Internal Medicine

Inventor of five patented technologies, including a method of using Peptide T as an anti-inflammatory agent to manage disease including chronic inflammation or chronic immune system activation

Terry Wilshire
Terry Wilshire
Chief Risk Officer

A Director at TransUnion of Canada where he specialized in, among other things, crisis management, risk management, fraud and identity management, and enterprise issue management

Member of numerous industry boards including credit grantor boards, credit institute, and receivable management boards

Designated the only Industry Expert in Canada by TransUnion with regard to risk and sales

Gareth Wiggan
Gareth Wiggan
Director of Operations, DRC

Permanent resident of Tanzania, Kenya, and DRC for past 7 years

Specializes in working with Export Credit Agencies for Infrastructure financing

Developer of financial models to assist local farming communities in East Africa

Extensive Financial expertise in insurance

Justin Mayala
Justin Mayala
Operations Manager, DRC

Operations & Engineering experience in machine, equipment, process design & material handling.

Knowledgeable of all phases of project work including plant layout, process and instrument diagrams, equipment specifications/bid packages, and project scheduling

Relationships with key DRC leaders

Loren  S. Greenspoon
Loren S. Greenspoon
General Counsel

Legal background specializing in corporate law, securities, corporate finance & mergers and acquisitions

Experienced entrepreneur across multiple industries including technology, media, mining, and cannabis

U.S. law degree from Michigan State University

Canadian legal degree from University of Ottawa

Andrew Baukham
Andrew Baukham
Head, Mergers & Acquisitions

Specializing in merger's and acquisitions

Extensive knowledge in the Canadian and International cannabis sector

Significant experience in derivatives and commodities trading along with other sector M&A and private equity

What Matters to Us

Code Of Conduct

Our objective is to create an internal code of conduct that supports a culture of integrity and equality. Our code of conduct provides an overview of the laws, regulations and company policies that apply to us and the work we do, but it does more than that. It builds upon our shared values. That’s why we count on every employee and Board member to follow our Code and make decisions that will preserve the trust that others have placed in us.

We expect nothing less from our business partners, including our consultants, distributors, co-manufacturers and suppliers, as well as our subsidiaries and joint venture partners. Our Code is a great resource, and provides clear direction when making corporate decisions.

Social Responsibility

Instadose Pharma proactively will ensure compliance with existing domestic and international rules and standards regarding social responsibility. We support and recognize work done by governing world organizations to protect the fundamental rights, human rights and dignity of millions of women and men, girls and boys. Work done by these organizations contribute to the breaking of the cycle of the perpetuation of poverty and we must all work together for the achievement of decent work for all.

Instadose Pharma has established protocols for ensuring that its employees, its contractors or the employees of its contractors or the employees of its partners are not subjected to forced labour. We have adapted the standards offered by the International Labour Organization