Welcome to Instadose Pharma.

How well does Cannabis grow in the DRC?

Research by University of California-Berkeley suggests that 60%-90% of all farmers in the DRC grow at least some cannabis. Our CSO: Dr. Duchesne is working with local experts, agronomists and farmers to identify which of the many verdant strains best suits our corporate goals.

Growing 100,000 ha of anything needs a lot of workers, how many skilled and unskilled labourers are available?

In this historically currency-deficient part of the world, where most are engaged in subsistence farming, we will offer both skilled and unskilled employment for a wage that is twice the national average. We are also completing an agreement with a large Church-Co-operative to expand our farming operations. This Church Co-op represents 200,000 Congolese who own and farm 3,000,000 acres of land.

Is the existing infrastructure at the industrial farm sufficient for farming Cannabis?

The industrial farm called “Burkanga-Lonzo” took years to plan and assemble. The hundreds of pieces of imported farming equipment will be well used in the production and harvesting of Cannabis. More equipment will be required, specifically to process the crop into its final deliverable, but the foundational assets are all in place. Highlighted by a dedicated high-volume fresh water supply, a 60MW substation- (enough to power a small city), grain-silos that can hold 40,000 tonnes and a crop-irrigation system so large that it required the building of its own on-site pipe manufacturing facility.

Can cannabis be imported into Canada from Africa?

Yes, The Canadian Cannabis Act authorizes holders of an importation license to import Cannabis products.

How will Instadose bring western values to the DRC and improve the lives of its citizens?

Instadose has a 50 year exclusive agreement to grow and produce pharmaceutical cannabis in the DRC. 20% of all profits will go to the Government of the DRC. As part of this agreement Instadose has an obligation to fund and manage the Agro-Park at Burkanga-Lonzo, including its community centre and medical facilities. Instadose will be directly responsible for bringing real currency to thousands of Congolese and will provide training to the local labour force to create much needed mechanics to welders.

What experience does the Instadose leadership have in farming cannabis on this scale?

The Canadian Cannabis industry would not exist without expert growers at the heart of each operation. Our CEO Grant Sanders is such an expert. What makes Instadose such a unique enterprise is the scale of our vision. There are very few people on the planet with any experience growing Cannabis at an Industrial level, but Mr. Sanders is one of those people. In the ‘90s with full support of the Nicaraguan government Mr. Sanders ran “Hemp Agro”, a large industrial hemp farm in Nicaragua which was growing as much as 160,000 tonnes of hemp. With this epic success achieved, Mr. Sanders spent the last 6 years finding the best location with the right partners to do it again.