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Strategic Partnerships for the largest CBD production capacity in the world

Newly Elected DRC Government


“We want to build a strong DRC, turned toward its development in peace and security. A DRC for all, in which everyone has a place.”

- President Félix Tshisekedi

The Protocol Agreement

In October of 2018, the DRC legalized the production of cannabis for medical pharmaceutical purposes

At that time, the DRC government provided Instadose with the exclusive right and license to grow, cultivate, and process cannabis in the DRC for export and sale

The Partnership Agreement

In February of 2019, Instadose and the DRC Government finalized the terms of the partnership agreement governing 10,000 ha of Agro Park Lands for the production, cultivation, and processing of cannabis

DRC/Instadose Partnership
Agreement Highlights

10,000 ha of land

50-Year Exclusive Rights

Utility Costs Subsidized by the new DRC Government

Approximately USD$300 Million in existing infrastructure – As confirmed by a 2015 Ernst & Young audit of the Agro Park


Saccos Agreement

SACCOS / Instadose Partnership Agreement Highlights:

  • 1,000,000+ ha of land
  • 50-Year Exclusive Rights
  • Cannabinoid oil to be processed in the production facility at the Agro Park
  • 80/20 profit share in favour of Instadose


Registered Co-operative in the DRC representing one of the largest groups of landowners in the DRC with 3 Million ha of cultivatable farm land

SACCOS Lands comprised of 200,000+ local farmers

Agriculture Development and Management Agreement (ADMA) established an agricultural partnership governing the use of 1,000,000 ha of SACCOS Lands for cannabis production

Dedicated to developing large-scale commercial plantations (Super Farms) necessary for the production, processing, storing, and selling of Cannabinoid Oil to buyers inside and outside of the African region

Includes ability to lease portions/sections of SACCOS Lands for other agricultural/farming purposes - including the production and cultivation of hemp

Service Providers







Disruptive Effect


Allows buyers to purchase Cannabinoid Oil at price-points that keep them competitive in the cannabis market; and

Incentivizes competing LPs to become buyers of Instadose's Cannabinoid Oil

Company Valuation: CDN$

Instadose expects to maintain an initial common share float of no more than 300M common shares once listed on a North American and European stock exchange - followed by moderate yearly increases on account of exercised stock option grants

Below is a snapshot of Instadose's potential price per common share across all three phases of our initial 10,000 ha operation based on only a 10x multiple of EBITDA. NOTE: Current Industry leaders are trading at a 152x EBITDA multiple.


Risk Mitigation

Instadose is insuring its entire business model from "Seed to Sale"

Type Of Insurance Insurance Provider
Property & Casualty AON
Equipment/Machinery Breakdown AON
Crop & Weather Swiss_Re
Completion Guarantee AON
Performance Bond AIG
Political Risk MIGA
Buyer Non-Payment TBD

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