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in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Instadose Story in the DRC

DRC is dedicated to becoming an agricultural leader in spurring economic growth and new innovative industries in the African region

DRC's National Program of Agriculture has sponsored the capital and resources necessary to support these efforts

Strong political and economical ties established between Instadose and the newly elected DRC government led by new President Felix Tshisekedi

October of 2018 - DRC Government legalized the growing of cannabis for medical pharmaceutical purposes

Exclusive agreements with newly elected DRC Government and the Church Farm Africa Savings & Credit Co-Operative Society (SACCOS) - Providing Instadose with 1 million+ ha of Agro Park and SACCOS Lands for cannabis production

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Newly Elected DRC Government


“We want to build a strong DRC, turned toward its development in peace and security. A DRC for all, in which everyone has a place.”

- President Félix Tshisekedi

The Protocol Agreement

In October of 2018, the DRC legalized the production of cannabis for medical pharmaceutical purposes

At that time, the DRC government provided Instadose with the exclusive right and license to grow, cultivate, and process cannabis in the DRC for export and sale

The Partnership Agreement

In February of 2019, Instadose and the DRC Government finalized the terms of the partnership agreement governing 10,000 ha of Agro Park Lands for the production, cultivation, and processing of cannabis

DRC/Instadose Partnership
Agreement Highlights:

  • 10,000 ha of land
  • 50-year Exclusive Rights
  • Utility Costs Subsidized by the new DRC Government
  • Approximately USD$300 Million in existing infrastructure
  • 80/20 profit share in favour of Instadose

Instadose's Competitive Advantage

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Disruptive Effect


Allows buyers to purchase Cannabinoid Oil at price-points that keep them competitive in the cannabis market; and

Incentivizes competing LPs to become buyers of Instadose's Cannabinoid Oil

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